Photos by Thorsten Hennig |

Thüle Castle | Salzkotten

A first kiss, after the nap

Lake Lippe | Sande

The moment when a strong gust of wind stirs up sand, but no one cares

Hornberg Castle | Neckar Valley

A small secluded chapel on a vineyard, provides togetherness


When the photographer messes with the flower children

Lippstadt | In the middle of the forest

A small moment of carelessness

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It's not about perfection - it's all about emotions


What the couples say

Wedding portrait of Melanie and Jochen in front of red garden house

You took us *exactly* the photos that I would have liked to have taken myself as a photographer back then. They are absolutely amazing!

From the composition, the cropping, the sharpness, the color tone, the play with depth of field... everything is perfect. And in all this you always caught the right moment and were so incredibly quick, discreet and pleasant that we can't help but warmly recommend you! In short: we are completely thrilled and grateful for your outstanding work!

Give yourself a big hug! ☺️

Melli and Jochen

Hey Thorsten 😊

The pictures have turned out beautifully. Every single photo is beautiful in its own right. Our families and friends are also delighted. Everyone told us the same thing, that you are so super personable, which was very well received. You captured everything important and created very nice memories for us.

Sabrina and Andre

Just wow! Thank you so much for the great photos Thorsten! We are really speechless and very, very happy 😍

Christina and Michael

Hello dear Thorsten,

We have now looked at the pictures several times and are delighted every time!

Tina and Hubi

Have I convinced you? Then write to me.


Still not convinced?